We know buildings inside out

About Digital Property

Digital Property provides project management and engineering consultancy services for commercial and retail properties. We are a team of engineering & project professionals who provide planning and consultancy on a range of building services including mechanical, electrical, lighting, lifts, fire, BMCS, access control, CCTV, communications systems, amenities upgrades and fit-out works.


  • Close Liaison with Facilities Managers: Our team have over 22 years of experience in working with facilities management. During systems design phase we seek detailed input from Site Facilities Managers. Also, through the course of project delivery, we endeavour to keep the Facilities Manager up to date with ‘daily’ project progress. Upon practical completion, we provide the Facilities Managers and their nominated staff two level of training – one at an operators level and other at technical level directed towards system administration and understanding the nature of various system faults.
  • 100% commissioning – No sample testing: Our project engineers perform comprehensive 100% commissioning and testing of all points connected to building systems – fire detection, building automation, access control and EWIS. We do not believe in sample testing of systems that protects life and property. Our test procedures take account of validating appropriates statuses & conditions and develop efficient operator’s response.
  • System Integration: Our expertise in electronic building services including as automation, physical access control, closed circuit television, building automation, fire detection systems, emergency warning and communications allows us to deliver totally integrated solutions to meet your requirements. Our designs are also effective throughout the entire lifecycle of the system or services. This means we design for efficient operation, low cost maintenance and longer life.
  • Independence: We're not affiliated with any contracting firms or systems providers and so are totally objective in recommending the most effective and cost efficient solutions.
  • Energy Grants: We have obtained over $6.5 million dollars grants on behalf of our clients to successfully implement both energy & water conservation measures.


Our staffs have delivered over 200 major projects with range of Corporate (AMP, Telstra, ANZ, IAG, MLC, BCL, JLL) and Government Clients (Sydney Water and NSW Corrective Services). On our projects we have formed close working relationship with Facilities Managers, Property Managers and Asset Managers. Our staffs have provided building systems solutions for:

  • Commercial High Rise Buildings - 88 sites across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth CBD
  • Retail Shopping Centres - 8 sites across Sydney & Melbourne with three centres over 90,000 sqm of gross leasable area
  • Data Centres - 4 sites across Melbourne and Sydney
  • Industrial Properties - 2 sites across Sydney
  • Place of Public Entertainment - 2 sites across Sydney

In last six years, we have delivered number of energy efficiency projects which have been funded via various government schemes including:

  • Green Building Fund, GBF for upgrades of mechanical and controls works in various commercial buildings and shopping centers across Australia – 15 sites
  • City West Water Co-funding for water conservation measures – 3 sites
  • Environmental Upgrade Finance, EUF – 3 sites
  • Sustainability Victoria EEOB – 9 sites

We have demonstrated our experience in energy audits, procurement, project delivery and post project monitoring and validation processes that comply with:

  • AusIndustry Green Building Fund Program
  • Victorian Government VEET as Accredited VEET organisation
  • Sustainability Victoria EEOB Program
  • Environmental Upgrade Finance Scheme

Our project managers/ engineers perform comprehensive commissioning and testing of building systems and services. We also undertake inter-system commissioning to ensure that all the systems communicate correctly with each other and function effectively under all conditions. This ensures that more reliable and more efficient long-term service is provided and achieves significant savings in future support costs.

From feasibility studies through to design, commissioning and ongoing maintenance, Digital Property will work with you to ensure the optimal outcome.